Oh, the Holidaze.

The affordability and accessibility of big name-brand stores, gift cards, e-cards, or just flat out Venmo-ing someone becomes more and more tempting as each day after Thanksgiving passes. Black Friday ends and Small Business Saturday begins but is often overshadowed and missed by most. I am guilty of stepping into the neon glow of a megalodon store like a fly drawn to a bug zapper and stepping out with something I bought because of a promo email or sponsored banner ad.

But, being a member of a locally-owned brokerage and someone who has owned a small business before, I (along with my Team) strive to give a shout-out to the 808 small businesses whenever possible. There are plenty of other adorable small shops throughout our state, but here are ten that will help get your ‘Gift List’ checked off:


da Shop Bookstore @dashophnl

da Spot Books + Curiosities

I believe that books are one of the best and most meaningful gifts you can give. This stylish little bookshop has a wide range of well-known Hawai‘i/Oceania classics, a young adult section, an “award-winning catalog” of children’s literature, along with the best-selling national and international titles. Located at 3565 Harding Ave. 


The Public Pet @thepublicpet

The Public Pet

I’ll just let you know right now- I love dogs. There, I said it. That’s why I think this place is perfect for every cat and dog owner. This pet supply store has more to offer than just leashes and collars. The store is very well curated with local and international toys, bowls, doggy rain-coats, locally made treats, and even custom Christmas ornaments. My favorite item right now is the Spam musubi chew toy. This is the perfect place to support your fellow pet lover.  Located at 3422 Waialae Ave.


Roberta Oaks @robertaoakshawaii

Roberta Oaks

Roberta Oaks in Chinatown is a gem of a shop for finding men and women’s Aloha shirts and dresses. They have a wide range of other items like paper goods, enamel hanging pots for small plants, Opinel knives, bags, wallets, jewelry and bath goods- just to name a few things. Located at 19 N Pauahi St.


Bead It! Hawaii @beadithawaii

Bead It!

I used to make jewelry, and I think working with one’s hands is very important for your brain. That being said, Bead It! is the perfect place for your crafty friend or for someone you think could use a new hobby. They carry sea glass, stones, shells, ceramic beads, chains, wires, pre-made jewelry, as well as classes. A gift card or creating a gift for someone would also be a great way to show that you’re thinking of them. Located at 1152 Koko Head Ave.


Choco Le’a @chocoleahawaii

Choco le’a

Take your sweet treats up a notch and give these artisan chocolate truffles to someone you care about. Handcrafted in Manoa, this small shop can either take orders online (must be placed 2 days before pickup) or you can head to their store to and fill one of their beautiful boxes to wrap or ship off. Located at 2902 Lowrey Avenue.


Olive Boutique and Oliver Hawaii @oliverhawaii @olive_boutique

Oliver Hawaii

Oliver Hawaii is a fantastic shop for men, and Olive Boutique carries clothing and accessories for women. Gift cards, Aloha shirts, vintage jewelry, t-shirts for children are available at their three locations (they also have a coffee shop/store located inside the Surfjack in Waikiki).


Paiko Hawaii @paikohawaii

Paiko Hawaii

Plant lovers unite! This place has an array of different sizes of houseplants, baskets, sacks, and seeds. They also make wonderful leis, flower crowns, and deliver floral arrangements for any special occasion. Located at 675 Auahi St.


Honua Hawaiian Skincare  @honuaskincare

Honua Skincare

Locally made skincare products?! Yes, please. With masks, serums, day and night creams, and cleansers- Honua has a great selection to give to your fellow skin lover. Created in 2015 by a local woman, these products are nicely packaged and ready to wrap.


Laulau Woodworks @laulauwood

Laulau Woodworks

As a realtor, pens are pretty important- so I would feel weird leaving out these beauties. These high quality, Hawaiian wood, locally made pens are a great gift for any business person, colleague, or writer. Located at 932 Kapahulu Ave.


Jana Lam @janalamstudio

Jana Lam Studio

Hand printed and made in Hawai’i, this company makes slouchy bags, coaster sets, pillows, and beach wraps are just a few things Jana Lam has to offer. These colorful accessories are bound to brighten up someone’s day. Located at 851 Pohukaina St. Suite C11.